*THP Mission -  Provide world class Coaching, Individual program Design, and performance apparel to assist athletes in fulfilling their virtuous potential



THP apparel is for people who challenge their unique human capacity to endure and train hard.  Our apparel is not made of magic fabric that will make you more fit. THP apparel is a statement and a reminder that the process of self-mastery is the ride, not necessarily the goal. Our apparel performs with you during your ride to find your true potential.




remote coaching


Are you a functional fitness athlete, marathon runner, surfer, avid hiker, bodybuilder, physique competitor, and/or trying to prepare for your first competition or get ready for Special Forces Selection?

Are you a Firefighter, Police Officer, in the military or in a physically demanding job that you want to get more proficient at?

THP knows the demands these sports and jobs have on your physical and mental being. THP will increase your ability to do your job through training that will mimic the demand in the field. Whether you are a professional athlete, trying to do your first bodybuilding show, or just trying to sustain your fitness for a lifetime, THP prepares you for all.

THP is not a run-of-the-mill gym or focused on volume. THP is focused on individual attention and deliberate action towards eliminating factors that prohibit a human being from achieving their true potential and increasing factors that compliment progression.


*THP Vision - True Human Potential (THP) seeks to develop individual's physical and mental capabilities beyond what they ever thought possible.



individual program design

THP understands each individual has different goals, physical ability, interests etc. THP develops individualized programming to cater to an individual's sport, hobby, lifestyle and/or job and develops it to meet a person's goals. 

Access to our Individual Design starts with an assessment process which helps determine an athlete's commitment level, character, and whole-person concept. 

After the assessment, programming begins with an in-depth consultation to set expectations and develop a plan of action towards reaching your goals.

After the consultation, a testing phase will be programmed to assess an athletes physical capabilities/limitations, movement analysis, and work capacity.

A customized program is finally developed for you that is specific to your body and goals which can be accessed 24/7. 



THP prepares athletes of all levels to prepare for their next feat. Whether you are trying to prepare to get through boot camp or want to compete in your first weightlifting competition, THP will address all the details that you will need to successfully accomplish your feat.

*THP Principles and Values- Provide world class service with the upmost integrity, proficiency, and ethics. Ultimately, lead by example and from the front!


i AM thp

Aloha and welcome to THP, my name is Adam Tabalno and I am my brand (THP). I founded THP after nearly 20 years of public service where I experienced human tragedy and suffering beyond the average person. I developed a deep appreciation for the fragility of life and have felt obligated to live my life to the fullest and to pay it forward. Tomorrow is never promised and when faced with tragedy and/or death, we will question whether we lived our life to our true potential.

I was not born with any special gifts or privilege. I am no superhero or great athlete. However, I have pushed myself to my absolute limit to figure out what I was capable; not in an effort to prove anything to anybody but to be satisfied that I lived my life to my absolute greatest potential. I want to take what I learned from the process of pursuing self-mastery and teach it to others so they can apply the same principles in the pursuit of fulfilling their dreams and goals.

Life is too short to be idle. THP is here to help people do things they never thought was possible. To help facilitate humans to push beyond self-doubt and curb fear and replace it with strategic preparation and confidence.

  • Director/Head Coach of True Human Potential (THP)

  • U.S. Marine Corps Officer and Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran

  • OPEX Fitness Athlete and Certified Coach in Program Design, Nutrition, Business Systems, Life Coaching and Athlete Assessment

  • Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach and Conjugate Methods

  • National/World level Olympic Weightlifting competitor

  • National Level Bodybuilder and competitor

  • Nearly 20 years public service in emergency medicine, military, and law enforcement.

  • Endurance/Extreme athlete with accomplishments from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, completing the Ironman in Cozumel Mexico, fighting professional Muay Thai in Thailand, running the Marine Corps Marathon in full boots/utilities and the list goes on.



Facility Director - Trinity Fitness

Facility Director - Trinity Fitness


“I have been challenged in every area, and found many weaknesses I didn’t even know I had. Having a coach that genuinely wants to push me and see me grow both in and out of the gym just motivates me to work even harder.”

Chief Operating Officer - Bio Health

Chief Operating Officer - Bio Health


“THP is helping me reach my goals in weight loss, building more muscle, and creating a balanced workout plan that is optimal to my fitness goals and limits. I’ve really enjoyed working with Adam and his process. He is truly dedicated to his clients and offers 5-star customer service.”

Dr of Physical Therapy - Womack PT

Dr of Physical Therapy - Womack PT


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Go check out True Human Potential if you would like to have them help you reach your goals.”



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